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This is the true power of seed nutrition

After taking my second sachet of soul i have slept well for the first time in what I can remember. Ived noticed my energy increase and my body feeling great just half an hour after the first packet yesterday. And I'm super happy. I first took Bryte and after an hour the Soul

Anne Brit Birkelid Bjørøen

I would like to tell you a short story about my girl and her changes during this process of taking Soul. She has been taking Soul now for about 9 weeks and I have noticed a huge difference, not just with her health but also her mood.
My girl is 11 years old and she is normally a healthy girl however she does get bronchitis easy and she gets a terrible asthmatics cough with a lot of mucus, usually more this time of the year due to the changes in the weather. Also, we do have a lot of history in my family concerning asthma. She is a dreamer and sometimes this can affect her school work.
The first thing I notice was the morning rituals. She is not an A person, she likes her sleep, is moody in the morning, and hard to wake up. She is now a lot happier in the morning and its easier for her to wake up, no more screaming rituals.
The second thing is that she hasn't been ill since she has taken Soul. I haven't heard any bad coughs or indications of bronchitis which she normally always gets this time of the year. She has a lot more energy during the day and her mood swings are more under control. Her schoolwork has improved a lot and her concentration and memory are much better. Just using one sachet of Soul a day has made a huge difference in her daily routine and health. Due to Soul ingredients, it also has a very nice flavor to it so its no problem for children to take considering my child is a super fussy eater. Amazing results after such a short period 😊

Angelina Camillo Ueland

My story is that for the vast majority of my life I have dealt with severe anxiety and depression. Getting up in the mornings was the most difficult part of the day. “What's the point? Why even try anymore? I should just stay here in bed instead” These were the kind of things that would run through my brain in the first 10 seconds of realising that I was unfortunately awake. Then once i was awake and dressed it didn't end there. There was the never ending brain fog and inability to focus on anything for longer than 2 minutes. The only real comfort ever came from sleeping. Then about 6 months ago that all started to change when i would start my day by taking Soul and pure. Now when I wake up it's no longer at 9am, late again and dreading the day, but at 6am & full of life. Now instead of waking up and having no motivation to even put on my shirt, I get up with a motivation to take on the world. Since taking Soul & pure I’ve now been able to build healthy habits into my life like exercising daily, drinking less and eating healthier. Brain fog and inability to concentrate are a thing of the past now, i feel like I've taken 3 espressos but without the jitters, crash or anxiety from too much caffeine. Now I can truly say that i have a positive sunny outlook on life and can't wait to wake up in the morning and live.

Russel Lomax

Since I was a baby, I have had multiple health issues. From chronic sinus infection, bad circulation in my legs, ear infection, chronic throat infection, chronic migraines, asthma, allergies and also very prone to urine infection and kidney infection. Basically, I've been sick with one thing or another. So with all these health issues I have tried it all, you name it natural or not I have tried it, and nothing worked. From homoeopathic medicine, acupuncture, light therapy, sound therapy, strong medications, magnetic therapy, chiropractors, massages, natural oils, pressure chambers, Herbs etc.. pretty much everything available I have tried. So I thought what the heck I have nothing to lose. I was sick and tired of being in pain and not being able to function normally on a daily basis. I have what doctors call suicidal migraines. This means, that nothing really stops the pain, the pain can increase every day or every 4 days, making it impossible to get used to. This also means that when the pain starts to increase I get fits where my whole body seizes, and I can't move for however long it lasts. I used to have about 3 fits a day sometimes more and sometimes less. I started taking two souls and one core a day. Within just 4 days I started to feel better. I started on the 1st of August 2020, and since that day, I have not had any migraine fits. My regular pain has become less and less and is still decreasing every day. Before, I would need to start the day by massaging my legs to get the blood flowing properly so that I could get out of bed. Now I can get out as soon as I wake up, no massage needed and no more pain either. As soul and core have so many different benefits, then that also means my hair is starting to grow finally, my asthma is better, and I've also managed to lose weight without exercising. I wake up in the morning feeling great, full of energy and ready to seize the day. This is a life I never thought I would ever be able to have, and now I have it. I never thought I would find something that would work, but luckily I tried Rain. Now I can't imagine my life without it.

Sabrina Ueland

Ever since I was a child, I have struggled with low self-esteem. In 2008, I was diagnosed in adulthood that I had A d h d, and at the same time post-traumatic stress syndrome. In all the years I have struggled with migraines, sore throats and urinary tract infections that came and went, inflammation in the shoulder and arms from wear and tear, muscle knots. Never slept one night without being awake several times, making me completely exhausted in the morning. This resulted in prolonged depression and anxiety, barely daring to go out alone so i shut myself in. After I was exposed to a violent incident, I had a rupture in the upper cervical vertebra, I had a narrowing of the blood vessels, and was very dizzy, could barely breathe. Got paralysis in the hands, numbness in the arms and high blood pressure. Went in and out of the medical center, tried chiropractor, psychomotor treatment but felt they did not do enough. Luckily I heard about Rains products When I started with soul 2 a day. It did not go more than 4 days and the urinary tract infection disappeared, I even got inner peace after a few days. Slept deep all night and felt rested. Paralysis went out of my hands, and I got an enormous force in my arms again, the muscle knots, disappeared, the anxiety, the depression disappeared. I got a huge energy. The joy of being out in the woods and fields, felt joy in life again. I started at the same time breaking the Bryte capsules, this made all the thoughts I had in my head disappear, the trauma disappeared and I remember the positive events, and not only the bad memories. Got better concentration and balance. I lost weight without exercising, my nails grew and became stronger and my hair became longer in record time.

Janne Helen Skogan