Jeanne Sissel Ueland

My younger brother was the one who introduced me to rain but it wasn’t until my youngest daughter started taking it and I saw such a massive change in her life that I decided to try it out too. It helped her suicidal migraines so I thought then it could probably help me too. I have a diagnosis called enfyzema or cols, and have had eczema and asthma since I was a baby. After just a few months of taking the products I realized that my rosea in my face was gone, I felt connected with my body again, before rain my arms and legs would suddenly ache and feel like there were asleep no movement in them, and that was becoming less frequent. Plus I was able to get out of bed in the morning, it wasn’t so hard as it used to be before the products. Now after having taken the products for one year, I can honestly say I haven’t felt better. Yes, i still have a few issues but i imagine they will also decrease with time. I started with Soul Red, pure, core and bend. I cant wait to see how i will be this time next year.

Rain has changed my life and my daughters, grandchild and son in law. So we are now part of the rain family and will never leave.❤

Jeanne Ueland

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