Gerd Johanne Sanden

February 2, 2015, I was hit by a metal trolley, 2 m high and full of bedding. Squeeze injury when I got my foot under the trolley. The right ankle/foot was injured.
The freedom disappeared when I could only go for short walks on crutches. Eventually, I became disabled and my finances deteriorated. Almost no sleep the first year. After several operations: removal of bone splinters, bracing of 2 joints, operated on 5 screws, this operation was unsuccessful and the screws had to be operated out again. And after that I could not lift my ankle, the walking function was gone. There was a lot of inflammation in my foot. Used 4 painkillers and 4 anti-inflammatory tablets every day + A strong painkiller 3 times a week.
So on December 17, 2020, I got a Walker osteoarthritis which I have to spend the rest of my time with. It relieves the foot and gives me walking function. But inflammation was still a problem.
Then I was offered to buy seed nutrition and luckily I agreed to it. The inflammation decreased and I could walk without crutches. Now the inflammation is gone and I am walking steadily with Walker osteoarthritis, combined with seed nutrition.
So thanks to seed nutrition I get rid of inflammation in my body, have the energy to do more in everyday life. Walk as much as I want…. I use soul, core and bend. Better health is a new life.

Regards Gerd Johanne Sanden

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