Angelina Ueland

I would like to tell you a short story about my girl and her changes during this process of taking Soul. She has been taking Soul now for about 9 weeks and I have noticed a huge difference, not just with her health but also her mood.
My girl is 11 years old and she is normally a healthy girl however she does get bronchitis easy and she gets a terrible asthmatics cough with a lot of mucus, usually more this time of the year due to the changes in the weather. Also, we do have a lot of history in my family concerning asthma. She is a dreamer and sometimes this can affect her school work.
The first thing I notice was the morning rituals. She is not an A person, she likes her sleep, is moody in the morning, and hard to wake up. She is now a lot happier in the morning and its easier for her to wake up, no more screaming rituals.
The second thing is that she hasn’t been ill since she has taken Soul. I haven’t heard any bad coughs or indications of bronchitis which she normally always gets this time of the year. She has a lot more energy during the day and her mood swings are more under control. Her schoolwork has improved a lot and her concentration and memory are much better. Just using one sachet of Soul a day has made a huge difference in her daily routine and health. Due to Soul ingredients, it also has a very nice flavor to it so its no problem for children to take considering my child is a super fussy eater. Amazing results after such a short period 😊

Angelina Camillo Ueland

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